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Affordable Name Brand Tires For All Makes & Models

Speedy Tire Center is known to providing the unbeatable prices in Plano Texas for all types of used and new tires. We carry the major name-brand tires in stock and are readily available to install, repair, and rotate any tires you need on your vehicle.

All of our used tires must first pass a series of test and inspections before we put it on the market. This is to ensure that our customers are obtaining the highest quality of service and reliability at the best price possible in Plano.

Looking for cheap tires? We have you covered!


What Does The Numerical Sequence On The Side Of A Tire Represent?

If you don't know the tire size you're needing for your vehicle, you can always check on the side of your current tires and refer to this diagram or you may simply call us and provide us with that information over the phone, or just bring you vehicle to your local Plano Speedy Tire Shop and let our mechanics have a look.

How do you read a tire?
1. Prefix. P = Passenger car, T = Temporary Spare, LT = Light Truck, ST = Trailer
2. Section Width: Overall width of the tire in millimeters
3. Aspect Ratio: Distance from the wheel rim to outside of the tread.
4. Speed Rating
5: Construction. R = Radial-ply tire, D = Diagonal, or old-fashioned bias-ply tire.
6. Size: The diameter of the rim in inches.

A standard size tire will be displayed in inches. A tire that reads 33 x 12.5 R15, is 33 inches in diameter (or tall), 12.5 inches wide, and will fit a 15-inch wheel.


Shop & Compare Tires

We carry a wide selection of tires for you to shop and compare from. In order to provide you with the best tire shopping experience, visit our tire shop in Plano, Texas and our staff can help you choose the proper tire for your vehicle.

All of our tires are affordable, reliable, and of GREAT quality. We can ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed and your vehicle is in good hands!


Offering A Wide Range Of Tire Services For Your Peace Of Mind

At Speedy Tire Center, we not only sell new and used tires, but we also offer a wide variety of tire and wheel services ranging from balancing, shocks & struts, suspension, tire rotation, tire plugs, flat tire repairs, FREE tire air, wheel alignment, and so much more!

Speedy Tire Center is your local tire shop in Plano Texas!